NURISH MATE is the Konnyaku Jelly Drink , new type of Jelly in convenient pouch that you can take anywhere easily. With Konjac Gum inside, it will help relieve your hunger and replenish your energy during the day.
What is Konnyaku?
"Konnyaku" is Japanese word for Konjac gum , the plant which grows widely in Japan, China and Northern part of Thailand. Konjac gum has Konjac Glucomannan as main ingredient that will form elastic gel when dissolve with water. It will expand in your stomach and help relieve your hunger!!
Where is Nurish Mate currently selling ?
Nurish Mate is now selling at Family mart , Lawson, Villa Supermarket and Fuji UFM Supermarket. Moreover we are also selling in many sports venue across Bangkok and suburb area. We are now expanding the sales channel and will be presented in many more convenient stores close to you soon. Please check the tab "Where to buy" or send us message in our facebook page if you wish to buy our product, we will give you more information.
Can you buy Nurish Mate through our Facebook page?
Yes you can, however, we have minimum order of 3 cases per order ( 1 case has 36 pouches) when ordering via Facebook page. Please send us inbox if you wish to purchase this way.
Can Children eat Nurish Mate?
Children age below 3 years old should be careful when eating Nurish Mate due to the elastic texture of the Jelly might stuck in the throat. Do not run or play while eating. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly to avoid choking.
Can you eat Nurish Mate during Pregnancy?
Yes , we understand that Pregnancy can be tired during the day, so you can replenish your energy by taking Nurish Mate. However, please consult your doctor if you are currently taking any other Nutrition or Vitamin to avoid the over use of the Vitamin amount.