Konnyaku Jelly Drink

We believe that there is no limit to the power inside ourselves, and that we can do whatever we intend to do in each one’s life. So we support the idea to live your life in full potential no matter it is your work life, how you exercise or to take care of yourselves. We strive to develop the Food Product that will meet the lives of the people in the present time.



Many scene you can enjoy



Take Nurish Mate before and after your sports session to help replenish your energy


During work you can feel hungry and loss your efficiency , Don’t forget to fill up your strength with NURISH MATE


Study for exam can be tough , fill up your energy and nutrition with NURISH MATE


Late for work due to traffic? Fill up your hungry before you get into office with NURISH MATE


Either subway, sky train or Bus ride to work in the morning, stuff Nurish Mate with you and enjoy while on the ride


Packing for travelling? Do not forget to prepare Nurish Mate with you, you never know you might need to eat something.

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Konjac jelly with vitamins and natural fruit juices. A new style of Japanese snacks in the form of a portable pouch with value of konjac will help relieve hunger and recharge your daily life.

Nurish mate mix the sweetness from natural white grapes.

Nurish Mate® is available at many supermarkets, convenience stores and sports centers throughout Bangkok and its vicinity. We are now expanding our distribution channels and to be featured in convenience stores near you soon. Please check more information on the “Where to buy” page or message us on our Facebook fan page.

Yes, we are selling on our Facebook fan page also, please inbox us and we will get back to you at no time.

Children under 3 years of age should not eat because the jelly may choke and get stuck in the throat. Kids should not run while eating and should be eaten slowly and chew thoroughly before swallowing.

We understand that you may get tired easily during pregnancy. Therefore, recommended to eat to recharge during the day. However, consult your doctor if you are eating any vitamins or supplements to avoid vitamin overdose.