Brand Idea

We believe that there is no limit to the power inside ourselves, and that we can do whatever we intend to do in each one’s life. So we support the idea to live your life in full potential no matter it is your work life, how you exercise or to take care of yourselves.
We strive to develop the Food Product that will meet the lives of the people in the present time.

Key Ingredient : Konnyaku ( Konjac Gum )

Konjac is a common name of the Asian Plant Amorphophallus Konjac , which has an edible corm. The food made from the corm of this plant is widely known in English by it’s Japanese name “KONNYAKU” , being cooked and consumed primarily in Japan for a long time.

The Benefits of Konnyaku eg.
  • Relieve hunger
  • Reduce risk of constipation
  • Regulation of lipid metabolism ; reduce blood lipid and cholesterol
There are still many more benefit of Konnyaku you can find over the internet nowadays

Brand Concept

NURISH MATE the new concept from Meal/snack supplement from Japan.  In the form of KONNYAKU JELLY DRINK packed in flexible food pouch which can protect all Vitamin and other ingredients inside. With the manufacture technology which will help preserve all the Nutritional Benefit in the Jelly, you can enjoy this KONNYAKU Jelly Drink anywhere anytime.
Grab and go , move forward!!